Research Theme Working Groups

CIMVHR Forum 2017 will have 5 Research Theme Working Groups available to all registered Forum attendees. New to Forum, the series of working groups will be taking place both pre- forum and post forum with the purpose of allowing participants to discuss and collaborate on the 5 themed areas (pre-forum) and then revisit these themes and determine next steps (post-forum). Each session will provide an excellent setting for collaboration and discussion with researchers across science, policy and practice who are interested in exploring the art of the possible. Subject matter experts, with relevant insight and experience in the theme areas, will help prompt engaged stakeholders to explore key issues relevant to the CIMVHR Network.


  • PRE-Forum working groups: Sunday, September 24, 2017 from 2PM-5PM
  • POST-Forum working groups: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 from 1:30PM-4:30PM


The Research Theme Working Group sessions are offered to registered Forum 2017 delegates only.

Registration fee per attendee: $45

This cost covers both the pre and post workshops and is an additional fee to Forum registration. No discount will be applied if the attendee can only attend one of the working groups.

You will find the direct link to register for any of the 5 Research Theme Working Groups directly following your Forum registration. The link will also be included in your confirmation email.

Click here to register for CIMVHR Forum 2017


  1. Cannabis for medical use: Exploring risks and possibilities
  2. Physical fitness and recovery from illness and injury
  3. Culture and diversity: Military well-being and soldier identity
  4. Transition and the family
  5. Contemporary research with public safety personnel