In 2016, CIMVHR established a fellowship initiative to recognize leading experts who demonstrate exceptional research advancements within the field of military, Veteran and family health and well-being. To date, CIMVHR has appointed eight fellows in recognition of their outstanding contributions to military, Veteran and family health research in Canada, and leadership in the field.

On many occasions, CIMVHR has relied on fellows to provide high-level representation at Senate Committee Hearings, meetings with federal and provincial elected officials, and at international conferences. As CIMVHR ambassadors, Fellows play a pivotal role in the Annual Military and Veteran Health Research Forum.

Fellow responsibilities may also include:

  • Promoting CIMVHR’s mission within communities of researchers, clinicians and policy makers.
  • Inspiring participation and leadership in CIMVHR’s scientific activities – especially amongst new researchers.
  • Engaging with researchers and policy makers to extend CIMVHR presence in their region.
  • Encouraging the development of research networks that benefit military personnel, Veterans and their families.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Fellows must have a primary affiliation within a Canadian community of military, Veteran, family health researchers.
  • Fellows must be a military, Veteran and/or family health researcher. They may represent any discipline.

2019 fellowship nominations

Self-nominations will be accepted.  Submission deadline: August 7, 2019

Nominations are now closed.