By submitting an abstract you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Abstracts or presentations that do not comply with the following Terms and Conditions may be rejected, or removed from the programme at anytime, subject to the decision of the Scientific Planning Committee.

  1. Abstract Eligibility
    1. Consideration will be given to:
      1. Abstracts that are of National and International interest;
      2. Abstracts that include works in progress;
      3. Abstracts which have been presented previously.
  2. Abstract Requirements
    1. Authors who wish to submit an abstract will be required to complete a Conflict of Interest form before submitting their abstract.
    2. Authors who wish to submit an abstract will be required to provide Learning Objectives relating to their abstract/presentation.
    3. Authors who wish to submit a Research abstract must follow: Introduction; Methodology; Results; Conclusion format.
    4. Authors who wish to submit a clinical/program abstract must follow: Brief Description; Clinical Outcomes; Patient Population; Conclusion format
    5. Abstracts must be no more than 400 words.
    6. Abstracts submitted must be original work.
    7. Abstracts submitted must be approved by all authors.
    8. Abstracts involving human or animal research must have received university or government ethics approval.
    9. Abstracts must follow the online submission process. Other forms of submission, e.g., by post, email or fax will not be accepted.
    10. Amendments to abstracts will not be permitted after 12:00 noon (EST) Monday April 16th, 2018
    11. Abstracts must be submitted online no later than 12:00 noon (EST), Monday April 16th, 2018.
  3. Review of Online Submission
    1. The CIMVHR Forum Scientific Planning Committee will not accept abstract submissions that do not comply with Submission style guidelines, are poorly written or unclear, or that are not original research or program description.
  4. Evaluation by the CIMVHR College of Peer Reviewers
    1. All abstracts will be blind reviewed by members of the CIMVHR College of Peer Reviewers.
    2. Research study abstracts will be assessed on the following criteria:
      1. Relevance of topic chosen;
      2. Relevance of topic to military, Veteran or family health, or other relevant populations;
      3. Sound conceptual foundation;
      4. Appropriate methodology/scientific criteria followed;
      5. Appropriate analysis of findings;
      6. Expected to be of national interest.
    3. Program description related abstracts will be assessed on the following criteria:
      1. Relevance of program topic chosen;
      2. Relevance of program to military, Veteran or family health, or other relevant populations;
      3. Sound conceptual foundation;
      4. Appropriate description of the program;
      5. Appropriate clinical audience identified;
      6. Expected to be of national interest.
    4. You may choose a poster or podium presentation, but the College of Peer Reviewers together with the Scientific Planning Committee will make the final decision.
    5. All review decisions are final.
  5. Invitations, Acceptance and Registration
    1. Invitations to present will be sent out via email by June 15th, 2018.
    2. Any author presenting at Forum must be a registered delegate of Forum 2018.
    3. Acceptance to present an abstract must be provided to the CIMVHR Forum Planning Team no later than July 16th, 2018, at which time all presenters must be registered.
    4. If your presentation is accepted, you will be responsible for your own travel, accommodation and registration for the Forum.
  6. Accepted Presentations
    1. Only one author named on the abstract is permitted to present. Under exceptional circumstances, a request for second presenter will be considered. Please send an email with details as to the Abstract Submission contact person no later than April 16, 2018. The request will be brought to the Scientific Planning Committee for consideration.
    2. The presenting author must be a named author of the submitted abstract.
    3. Should any unnamed/unauthorized person or persons take the podium during the presentation, the presentation may be interrupted and that person may be asked to leave the podium.
    4. Should the presentation include a Power Point presentation, a maximum of 12 content slides is recommended.
    5. The presenting author is responsible for preparing adequate copies of any handouts they wish to provide for attendees of their session.
    6. Oral presentations must not exceed 15 minutes, each presenter will be allocated a 5 minute question period.
    7. Authors who make a presentation that is different from the abstract that was accepted for presentation will be omitted from the Forum for a period of five years henceforth.
    8. Presenters must be available to present at anytime during the duration of the Forum.
    9. The presenting author will immediately notify the CIMVHR Abstract Submission contact person if they are unable to present an abstract or if the presenting author is changed.
      Notifications made after August 1, 2018 will not be reflected in the Forum Program.
  7. Publications and Permissions
    1. By accepting the invitation to present, the presenting author implies permission for their name and designation to be printed within the Forum Programme, which is posted on both CIMVHR and CIMVHR Forum websites. Hardcopies are also onsite.
  8. Disclosure of Potential Conflict of Interest
    1. All planning committee members’ and presenters’ financial or in-kind relationships (not only those relevant to the subject being discussed) encompassing the previous two (2) years, up to and including the current presentation, must be declared and disclosed.
    2. It is the presenters’ responsibility to ensure that their presentations (and any recommendations) are balanced and reflect the current scientific literature. Unapproved or off label use of products or services must be declared within the presentation.
    3. Disclosure must be done verbally and displayed in writing at the beginning of a presentation or included in the written conference materials.
    4. The conflict-of-interest declaration forms must be completed and submitted to the CPD program’s provider or organizer prior to the abstract submission.
  9. Industry/Commercially Sponsored Research
    The Forum is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited program and therefore, the following College of Family Physicians of Canada & The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada guidelines must be observed:
    1. Representatives of commercial organizations—including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, device, and biotechnology companies—may not act as educators or presenters unless they are providing a product or device demonstration, and only when such a demonstration cannot be provided by a physician or other health care provider with no affiliation to a commercial organization.
    2. Representatives of a commercial interest (eg, pharmaceutical company, medical device company, etc.) cannot assume the role of a facilitator, speaker, and/or instructor for any Mainpro+ certified program. The only exception is where a demonstration of a product or device is considered to be an essential component of the educational event, and no physician or other health care professional is qualified to perform this role. This type of participation must be rationalized by event planning committee members and outlined in the initial certification application and be in no way related to product or device promotion or sales.
    3. Industry (pharmaceutical/biotechnology company) representatives may attend live certified CPD programs as non-contributing members to the discussion to provide logistics support such as facilitating registration, audiovisual set-up, seating, and distribution of certificates of attendance
    4. Industry representatives may attend a live certified program only with the consent of the planning committee Chair and only if seating remains, preferably at the back of the room, and must wear no commercial identifiers (eg, corporate logos).
    5. Industry presentations may be considered for inclusion into pre-forum activities.
  10. Awards
    1. CIMVHR presents a variety of Awards, to recognize teams who have made significant contributions to Military, Veteran and Family Health Research. All eligible abstracts are placed into the possible award categories when received, and then shortlisted by the Awards Coordinator. Presenting authors of the shortlisted nominees will be contacted by the Awards Coordinator to confirm acceptance of the nomination.
    2. Award winners are chosen by a panel of judges who are responsible for attending each presentation and rating the presentation based on a pre-selected criteria for each award. A current list of awards may be located on the CIMVHR Forum website, and may vary from year to year.
  11. Anti-harassment policy
    1. Forum provides a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Conference participants acting in a harassing way to organizers or other attendees may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the organizing committee.