Dr. Marc Fortin Assistant Deputy Minister (Science and Technology) of the Department of National Defence

Dr. Fortin oversees the Department of National Defence's S&T investment and provides leadership in national issues in defence and security science and technology. He also leads Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) that consists of a national network of defence and security research centres with over 1600 knowledge workers.

DRDC provides national leadership in defence and security science, and provides scientific advice and solutions to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Department of National Defence (DND). The defence S&T network extends to partnerships with Canadian industry, universities, and allied defence S&T organizations.

Prior to joining DND and DRDC in 2011, Dr. Fortin has led several research organizations at the national or regional levels, both in academia and government. He has led the development of innovative programs to generate better integrated complex innovation chains that capitalize on the engagement of actors and intervenors in and outside government.

He is particularly passionate about catalyzing the development of organizations capable of operating in complex environments and in uncertain futures. The ability to leverage knowledge, science and policy to influence important outcomes will require agile knowledge-rich organizations capable of developing new interfaces for decision makers that will leverage knowledge, science and policy.

Prior to joining DND, he was ADM (Research) at Agriculture and AgriFood Canada. Dr. Fortin is a graduate of McGill University and of Université Laval, and also conducted research at The University of Chicago and at The University of California at Davis.

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