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CIMVHR ADVANCED ANALYTICS INITIATIVE - Guidelines for Proposal Document Preparation


The CIMVHR Advanced Analytics Initiative is a program that encourages applications from multi-disciplines to submit project proposals to compete for access to funding, computer resources and expertise available through CIMVHR and IBM Canada¾ researchers interested in applying will include medical resources to accelerate research and improve health of Military, Veterans and/or their families supported by data scientist/computer science experts and architects with skills to combine the medical research with the data analytics and computer science aspects of the proposed project. CIMVHR and IBM are available to discuss the viability of your proposed project prior to completing and submitting the application.

The Initiative funds support priority areas such as, but not limited to,

  •        Precision medicine: medication/treatment selection, order of care, response based treatment
  •        Personalized care: treatment tailored to the individual
  •        Military family challenges: impact of military families’ lifestyle on health and well-being
  •        CIMVHR target population research data challenges: addressing privacy, consolidation, access, and mining for academic led research projects
Deadlines: Round 2 Final Proposal Application must be submitted to Stephanie Belanger on or before Monday Oct 30, 2017 for consideration and evaluation. 

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to submit a proposal for the Advanced Analytics Initiative has been extended to Monday October 30, 2017


For further information, please contact:

Madelaine Meehan

Project Manager

Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research

Queen's University

Tel: 613-533-6000 x74533

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CIMVHR Advanced Analytics Initiative - GUIDELINES