Rewarding Excellence in Research


Wounded Warriors Doctoral Scholarship in Military and Veteran Health Research
Stephanie Houle-Johnson, University of Ottawa, for her research Moral Injury in the Canadian Armed Forces: Symptomatology, Nosology, and Clinical Utility.
Tara Collins, University of Calgary, for her research An Understanding of Residing with a Military Member with PTSD.
Ms. Linna Tam-Seto, Queen’s University, for her research on Enhancing health care providers' capacity to work effectively with Canadian military and Veteran families: A cultural competency model.
Ms. Helena Hawryluk, University of Calgary, for her research on adolescents living on a Canadian Armed Forces Base who are experiencing reintegration to long-term parental separation post Afghanistan.
Ms. Celina Shirazipour, Queen's University, for her research on Sport participation among military veterans with physical impairments.
Mr. Duncan Shields, University of British Columbia, for his research on improving the mental health and well-being of military and Veteran populations by increasing access to and engagement in services through "culturally" appropriate practice.
For more information on Mr. Shields' research:
CIMVHR Newsletter, Issue 11
Royal Canadian Legion Masters Scholarship in Veteran Health Research
Mr. Massimo Cau, University of British Columbia, for his research “Wearable Hemostatic Combat Protection to Prevent Mortality and Morbidity from Hemorrhage Treatment of Ballistic Injuries.”
Kelly Chen-McDonagh, Queen’s University, for her research Investigating the Benefits of Psychiatric Service Dogs and Companion Dogs for Canadian Armed Force (CAF) Members Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Mr. Jeremiah Buhler, University of Manitoba, for his research on Efficacy of Online Chronic Pain for Military, RCMP, and Veterans: A Randomized Control Trial.
Ms. Ashleigh Forsyth, Queen's University, for her research, The Outward Bound Program and its Effects on Stigma Among Veterans that addresses important issues in the mental health and well-being of military Veterans.
Former Reservist Brigitte Phinney, Carleton University, for her research on The role of social support and coping in the positive mental health of Reservists having been deployed to Afghanistan.


The Major Sir Frederick Banting MC, RCAMC Award
Robert Hawes, Canadian Armed Forces, for his research Battle Injury, Non-battle Injury and Disease among Canadian Armed Forces Personnel in Afghanistan, 2004-2012: A novel program of operational and population health research with Thériault, F., PhD (Cand); Lu, D, MD, PhD.
Forum 2018 Abstracts - p. 69
Dr. Benjamin Dunkley, The Hospital for Sick Kids & University of Toronto, for his research Perception of Emotional Faces Induces Fear Circuit Hyper Connectivity in Soldiers with PTSD with Taylor, M.J., PhD; Wong, S., BSc ; Shah-Basak, P., PhD; Jetly, R., MD3 ; and Pang, E.W., PhD.
Forum 2017 Abstracts - p. 7
Dr. Christian Kastrup, University of British Columbia, for his research titled Self-propelling Particles that Stop Severe Haemorrhage in Swine by Transporting Tranexamic Acid and Thrombin through Flowing Blood.
Forum 2016 Abstracts - p. 9
Dr. Deniz Fikretoglu, DRDC, for her research titled Perceived Need for Mental Health Care in Canadian Military and Civilian Populations: Implications for Workplace Mental Health.
For more information on Dr. Fikretoglu's research:
Forum 2015 Abstracts - p. 14
Dr. Steven Fischer, Queen's University, for his research titled Near Term Solution to Address Aircrew Neck Pain.
For more information on Dr. Fischer's research:
Forum 2014 Abstracts - p. 70
CIMVHR Newsletter, Issue 10 - p. 2
Dr. Mark Zamorski, DND Directorate of Mental Health, for his research titled Sitting on a Gold Mine: The 2013 Canadian Armed Forces Cross-sectional Mental Health Survey Dataset.
For more information on Dr. Zamorski' research:
Forum 2013 Abstracts - p. 20
CIMVHR Newsletter, Issue 7 - p. 2
Dr. Jacqueline Hebert, University of Alberta, for her research titled A Novel Method to Provide Sensory Feedback and Improve Function of Myoelectric Prostheses after Upper Limb Amputation.
For more information on Dr. Hebert's research:
Forum 2012 Abstracts - p. 18
CIMVHR Newsletter, Issue 4 - p. 3
Dr. Jitender Sareen, University of Manitoba, for his research titled Adverse Childhood Experiences in Relation to Mood and Anxiety Disorders in a Population-Based Sample of Active Military Personnel.
For more information on Dr. Sareen's research:
CIMVHR Newsletter, Issue 1 - p. 3
Via Rail Student Research Award
Ryan Van Slyke, Syracuse University, for his research Communities Serve: A Systematic Review of Need Assessments on U.S. Veteran and Military-Connected Family Populations with Armstrong, N., PhD; Huitink, Z., PhD.
Forum 2018 Abstracts - p. 89
Daniel Cousineau-Short, University of Waterloo, for his research Fractures in the Canadian Armed Forces: Operational Impact, Cost and Opportunities for Injury Prevention with Hawes, R.A., PhD (Cand); and Theriault, F., PhD (Cand).
Forum 2017 Abstracts - p. 48
Ms. Rachael Gribble, Kings College London, for her presentation titled The Well-being of UK Military Spouses during Military Relocation: Influences on Identity, Agency and Connectedness.
Forum 2016 Abstracts - p. 65
Ms. Linna Tam-Seto, Queen's University, for her presentation An Environmental Scan of Programs and Services for Families of Veterans with Operational Stress Injuries.
For more information on Ms. Tam-Seto's research:
Forum 2015 Abstracts - p. 56
Homewood Mental Health Treatment Award
LCol Suzanne Bailey, Canadian Armed Forces, her research Ten years of R2MR: How the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program has evolved from 2008-2018 with Guest, K., MSW.
Forum 2018 Abstracts - p. 49
Noel Lipana, University of Southern California, for his research Treating Moral Injury and Posttraumatic Stress: Exploring a Model That Works with Graeser, N., MDiv; and MSW, DSW (Cand).
Forum 2017 Abstracts - p. 3
Dr. Allison Feduccia, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, for her presentation titled MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for Treatment of Chronic PTSD: Findings from MAPS-sponsored Phase 2 Clinical Research Trials.
Forum 2016 Abstracts - p. 24
Dr. Craig Bryan, the National Center for Veterans Studies and the University of Utah, for his presentation Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Prevent Suicide Attempts in the Military.
For more information on Dr. Bryan's research:
Forum 2015 Abstracts - p. 21
Colonel Russell Mann, Military Family Health Research Award
Dr. Deborah Norris, Mount St. Vincent University, for her research Military Family Resilience/y: An environmental scan of programs and services with Cramm, H., PhD; Smith-Evans, K., MA; Hill, S., MEd; Mahar, A., PhD.
Forum 2018 Abstracts - p. 40
Alyson Mahar, Queen’s University, for her research A Comparison of Mental Health Services use in Older Dependents and Spouses of Service Personnel in the Canadian Armed Forces to Age and Sex Matched Civilian Comparison Cohort with Cramm, H., PhD; Whitehead, M., MStat; Groome, P., PhD; Kurdyak, P., MD, PhD; Aiken, A.B., PhD.
Forum 2017 Abstracts - p. 8
Dr. Heidi Cramm, Queen’s University, and her team, Dr. Garth Smith, Dr. Dawa Samdup, Ms. Ashley Williams and Ms. Lucia Ruhland for their work, Navigating Healthcare Systems for Military-connected Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Qualitative Study of Military Families Experiencing Mandatory Relocation
Forum 2016 Abstracts - p. 17
Dr. Alla Skomorovsky, DND, for her presentation Work-Family Conflict and Well-being among Single Parents in CAF: The Role of Coping.
For more information on Dr. Skomorovsky’s research:
Forum 2015 Abstracts - p. 52
CIMVHR Editors' Choice Award
Alina Protopopescu, McMaster University, for her research The Relation between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Moral Injury in the Canadian Armed Forces with Battaglia, A., BSc; Boyd, J., MSc; Lloyd, C., BA; Jetly, R., MD; O’Connor, C., MSc; Hood, H., PhD; Nazarov, A., PhD; Rhind, S., PhD; Lanius, R., MD, PhD; McKinnon, M., PhD
Forum 2018 Abstracts - p. 55
Donna Pickering, Department of National Defence, for her research, A Qualitative Analysis of Factors Affecting Canadian Army Reservists Wellbeing with D’Agata, M., MSc; Blackler, K., MSc; Nazarov, A., PhD; and Richardson, M. LCol, MA.
Forum 2017 Abstracts - p. 70
Ms. Alyson Mahar, Queen’s University and King’s College London, for her presentation titled Canadian Public Opinion of the Armed Forces
Forum 2016 Abstracts - p. 78
Ms. Andrea Stelnicki and Dr. Kelly Schwartz, University of Calgary, for their poster How Children Respond to OSI: Social, Emotional, and Behavioural Outcomes in Children of Military Parents.
For more information on Ms. Stelnicki and Dr. Schwartz's research:
Forum 2015 Abstracts - p. 64
CIMVHR Silver Quill Award
Richard M. Gray and Frank Bourke, for their article Remediation of intrusive symptoms of PTSD in fewer than five sessions: a 30-person pre-pilot study of the RTM Protocol.
JMVFH Vol. 1, No. 2